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Are you looking for professional recognition and development opportunities or you want career guidance and support, we’ve got the tools and advice you need. Or maybe you want to discuss the latest issues in IT, or learn about the newest developments in the industry, either in your field of expertise or something new.

NITE gives the opportunity for all intending IT lovers, students, associates, and professionals to come under a single platform recognized under the scope of productivity and technology skills.  Registered members get professional trainings and certifications at discounted rates across the country.
Including other benefits such as:

  • Continuous Professional Career Development
  • Trainings and certification around the globe
  • Periodic free trainings
  • Update on Seminars in the Industry
  • Easy employment into top tier partner Organizations
  • Updates on Certification Exams, Centers and Discounts
  • Exclusive Membership paraphernalia
  • Gain exposure to industry leaders, access to standards and technological resources

Our membership program is categorized into 4 different parts namely Students Membership, Associate Membership, Professional Membership and Corporate Membership. Each category clearly defines where each individual fits in.

  • Student Membership: These are for students who are still in the higher institutions of learning, and are IT savvy. This membership gives them the opportunity to learn new IT programs for your field of study, and skills before they enter into the labour market. As a student, developing the skills and experience for your future IT career, NITE membership is a great way to get a foot hold on your professional ladder. If you are currently studying any course in a university or any institution of learning, you can apply for NITE student membership
  • Associate Membership: This membership group focuses on the young, less experienced and those who crave for IT knowledge. Intending members do not need to have a certification of some sort to be part of this group. If you desire to network with industry professionals and learn about the newest developments in the industry, NITE Associate Membership is for you.
  • Professional Membership: Members of this group are professionals with a good level of experience in their individual field. Only certified individuals are admitted into this group. This group seeks to promote professional practice tuned to the demands of business, providing practical support and information services to its members and volunteer communities around the world. Are you geared towards this path, register now as a professional member.
  • Corporate Membership: This membership is designed to establish an ongoing relationship with the employers of business to help them improve their business analysis practices. The Corporate Membership program benefits three levels of any organization - the business analysts, managers and leaders - giving them access to the tools required to develop and advance business analysis best practices. If you fall under this category, you should register as a corporate member.

NITE values its partner relationships.

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