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NITE stands for Nigerian Information Technology Experts. It is the umbrella body for information technology companies and individuals in Nigeria.  NITE was founded in 2012 and has been providing several career benefits for its members nationwide. NITE has partner companies located in major cities in Nigeria, UK and US.

NITE fosters links between experts from industry, academia and business to promote new thinking, education and knowledge sharing

Through continuing professional development and a series of respected IT qualifications, the Institute seeks to promote professional practice tuned to the demands of business. It provides practical support and information services to its members and volunteer communities around the world

NITE collaborates with government, industry and relevant bodies to establish good working practices, codes of conduct, skills frameworks and common standards. It also offers a range of consultancy services to employers to help them adopt best practice.

Our values shape how we establish the Institute as a world-class organization for IT, and IT as a world-class profession. We pledge to:

  • Think ahead and focus on action by putting things in place to meet the future needs of all our stakeholders.
  • Be open and work together by sharing best practice and encouraging collaboration between our members, customers and the industry.
  • Drive progress and enable change by advancing the role of IT in bettering society, the economy, business and education.

NITE is a professional partner with the British Computer Society (BCS) Chartered Institute for IT in the United Kingdom and also, an affiliate to the Birmingham University, United Kingdom specializing across several Information Technology platforms.

Our aim is to support IT professionals, associates and graduates to achieve their goals with the best possible medium at a reduced cost compared to what is been provided by other services providers. Fortunately, an organization has paid for your rebate.

In NITE, we support and award certification for a variety of application environments including SAP, Oracle, Cisco, Java, Linux, and products from other third-party software vendors.  NITE is an all things mainframe services provider. Our goal is always to turn your legacy into a legend; always exceeding expectations.

NITE values its partner relationships.

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